About Us

Our History: Since its inception in 1990, Family Heritage House Museum has shared an array of artifacts, literature and other resources, chronicling the history and cultural achievements of African Americans. Its founders, Mrs. Fredi Brown and the late Mr. Ernest L. Brown, Jr., began this institution on the campus of Head Start.  In 2000, they loaned their abundant, diverse collection to Manatee Community College now known as State College of Florida, Manatee – Sarasota, which assist with the museum’s site and facilities.

Words from Co-Founder: Ernest L. Brown Jr.

Family Heritage House services are focused on the value of knowledge of one’s heritage as a recognized incentive to expand horizons and achieve greater levels of literacy. It is a center devoted to the study and exploration of one’s heritage and will provide grounding in the broadest possible understanding of one’s “place” in the order of things. Such understanding frees the individual from self-doubt as to his worth and makes possible the fullest positive development of one’s potential.

Our Mission: The mission of the museum is to inspire children to have a respect for their ancestors, a love for learning, and a passion for service. Further, to strengthen black families and empower them to maintain historical bonds of kinship; to assist in the promulgation of the culture for the benefit of the general population.